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Why Us ?

Personalised Service

Friendly, client centred service tailored to your needs.

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Exclusively focused on Community Service based interpreting and translation.

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Hi! I’m Ada, founder of LanguageServe interpreting service. First of all thank you for taking time to visit us.

Ever since I was a little girl my passion always lied in public sector. I have worked with vulnerable people, children, asylum seekers, older people and women experiencing domestic violence for over 25 years in different capacities. I’ve learned so much from all those experiences; As a caseworker using an interpreter, as a manager dealing with the budget, as an interpreter for the service user, as well as a business partner at an interpreting service to provide interpreters to organisations. Combining these years of experiences gave birth to LanguageServe.

We are driven by the mission to provide affordable, quality person centred service in public sector. It is this mission sets us apart from others as a company.

Services we offer

Face to Face Interpreting

We have the knowledge and the expertise in public sector to provide you with a professional face to face interpreting service tailored to your needs. We know the importance of quality of interpreting as well as the degree of responsibility that interpreters carry to not just relay the conversation but relay the emotional and cultural context as well. All our interpreters have many years of interpreting experiences in public sector to provide professional service to both practitioners and the service users.

All our interpreters sign a strict code of conduct and confidentiality agreement to safeguard privacy and assurance of confidentiality.

Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is the most convenient, efficient and cost effective way of communication for emergencies or in unexpected situations where interpreter is needed immediately. We provide affordable multi way telephone interpreting service or simply relay an information over the phone to your client. You can request a male or a female interpreter for case sensitive calls.


We are dedicated to delivering professional, secure, confidential and accurate translation service by qualified translators. The cost of translations will vary depending on the length of the documents as well as the target languages and the timeframe. To get a quote, simply send us the document to enquiries@languageserve.co.uk


British Sign Language interpreters facilitate and support deaf or hard of hearing people. All our professional BSL interpreters are registered members of NRCPD and ASLI.

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27 Old Gloucester Street

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